Beyond The Moors

Beyond The Moors

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Unable to put a friend's disappearance to rest, Jenna Morgan sets out to discover the truth. Instead of a simple hike through a familiar path on the outskirts of town, her journey takes her through unknown territory, opening up in a field in eleventh century Scotland. Forced to join a medieval hunting party, her destiny takes a sharp turn once they cross the moors into highland territory.

When an ill lowlander is brought to his keep, Laird Richard Mathieson takes one look at the lovely blonde and knows he's found his future wife. Winning her heart is another matter as she staunchly refuses to accept that he is not her missing friend. But it's the highland way to take a bride when gifted by the Almighty God, and she is truly a gift from the heavens.

With obstacles at every turn, including the determined laird and a savage warrior who wants to claim her for his own, survival in ancient times is a lot more difficult than Jenna ever imagined. After a fierce attack, she must decide whether to return to her own time or give up everything she holds dear to stay with the love she has found in the past.


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You can’t keep me here.” She sat up at the side of the bed, still clutching the furs to cover her nakedness. Her eyes darted around the chamber.


Richard’s gaze followed the line of her legs to where they disappeared beneath the bedclothes. He licked his lips as their eyes met. “Aye, I can. Ye’ll get back into that bed and rest until morning, or we’ll be embarking on another type of activity tonight.”


Her eyes widened, resembling a frightened doe. “N… no, you can’t.”


He chuckled. “I am laird of this keep. I can and I will make ye stay.” He waved a hand toward the chamber door. “If ye think ye can get to the door before I do, ye be welcome to try. I don’t mind a wee bit o’ sport, but there is no doubt who the winner will be. You are not going anywhere this night.”


She pushed a strand of blonde hair away from her face and eyed the door, then returned her gaze to Richard. “That’s kidnapping.”


Aye, it is,” he said simply.


AuthorEllie Lynn

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